Workflow Automation
Makes Life Easier

Reclaim lost time

What would you do with an extra two hours every day?

Nothing is as valuable as your time. AI4Govt customers can expect to reclaim up to two hours out of their workday by eliminating data entry, syncing systems and records together, and automating workflows.

Do More
with (a Lot) Less

Technology is meant to make work easier, but when you’re dealing with multiple systems that don’t sync together it can seem like digital tools create more work than they do. Avoid inefficiency by integrating and automating multiple workflows across a variety of systems in one user-friendly platform.

Make your software applications work for you, not the other way around.

File Data Once
Access it Anywhere

Have you ever struggled to find an important document that had been tucked away in an odd file somewhere? File, manage, and store critical documents with AI4Govt to make sure everything you need is exactly where it should be.

Share what needs to be shared and keep private data secure on this all-in-one platform that seamlessly integrates everyday tasks with everything you need to get work done.

Deliver Great
Customer Experiences

Reduce wait times, improve efficiency, and increase transparency. Our seamless integrations automate notifications and drive work all through an intuitive user interface.

AI4Govt Features

Powerful Search
That Finds What You Need

The AI4Govt platform includes a global search feature, so the information you need is always at your fingertips. Search by date, name, case number, assignee, or any other custom property.

Get control over your data with AI4Govt.

Sleek and Intuitive
User Experience

When everything you need is at your fingertips, you can waste less time and get more done. The AI4Govt dashboard keeps everything you need available and up to date, and we’ve designed our user interface to make sure you can move through your workday with ease.

Looking for an all-in-one workflow software solution that doesn’t need an entire instruction manual to understand?

that Boosts Productivity

Transform your government agency, municipal court, or public service organization into a powerhouse of efficiency. Automate customer communications, transfer large data points quickly and securely, and route activities through automated workflows with AI4Govt.


Governments deal with a lot of data. Much of this data must be available for internal or public communication. However, a lot of information handled by public service organizations is private and must be kept secure from disclosure.

AI4Govt was designed with security in mind. We built the platform to the best military-grade security specifications possible so that civil service can move forward without threats of unauthorized access.

Use Case
City of Mobile, AL

Learn how the City of Mobile embraced digital transformation

to improve service across its municipal court system.


Discover How Mobile, Alabama Digitally Transformed its Legal Filings to Secure and Shareable Digital Data.


Never Again Be Caught Uninformed or Unprepared – Hear from the People Who Use AI4Govt Every Day.


Here’s some evidence copy that represents city of mobile’s progress and improvements

Empowering the people
who drive civil service.

Learn How with AI4Govt.