Mobile, AL Municipal Court Case Study

The Challenge

Prior to AI4Govt’s software, defense attorneys could only email motions to the court.  There was nothing in place to notice receipt of the motion. The opposing counsel and the judge did not receive an electronic copy. When an order is entered, counsel did not receive notice of said order.  Counsel could not view motions and orders, or any other documents related to the case except for those they file. The current system can be unduly burdensome in that the clerks were responsible for notifying attorneys of court dates and orders rather than the attorneys getting an electronic notice.  Attorneys were unable to see court documents online except for those they may have filed.  If an attorney needed a copy of a document, the attorney had to make a request to the clerk’s office.  The clerk had to manually locate the filed document and provide a paper or electronic copy.  This results in excessive staff time, missed notifications, unprepared counsel, trial delays, and a lack of confidence in the professionalism, integrity, fairness, and efficiency of Mobile’s Municipal Court.

The Solution

AI4Govt integrated Tyler Technologies Incode Court Management System and Tyler Technologies Content Management System with the court’s existing workflows. Attorneys use AI4Govt’s workflow automation and data connector software behind the scenes to submit motions to the court. AI4Govt’s software automatically dispatch motions to the corresponding court clerks to review based on the workflow created by the admin. Clerks review, approve and reject motions. AI4Govt’s software saves all documents in the court’s Tyler Technologies file repository and notifies attorneys and judges of further actions.

The Result

AI4Govt’s workflow automation and data connector software helped Mobile, AL Municipal court deliver better and faster services despite staffing shortages. Mobile, AL employees are afforded more time to spend interacting with constituents. Check out what municipal court director, Deborah McGowin, says about AI4Govt!